• Julie Davis

Two Down and Two to Go!

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

Every family is unique. There are four kids in our family.

Two have begun college. And two are in high school. Every

year my responsibilities change. I am actually only teaching

a couple subjects at home this year as compared to teaching

all four of my children a couple years ago a multitude of

subjects! How can a homeschool mom stop the flow of learning?

Well, I have loved years of learning and applying teaching methods

as well as material. I have loved teaching the Biblical applications.

So here I go! I will be dedicating more time to writing. It's time to

grow Promise Point Education. It's time to reach out and support

my brothers and sisters in Christ as they pursue the same call to

homeschool. Be determined to grow through your educational years

at home with your kids and then to share your teaching skills and

wisdom gained with the homeschool community. Let your light shine!


Julie Davis



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