• Julie Davis

Grace upon Grace

With my two older kids off to college, I have enjoyed "extra" time to

"catch up" on tasks at home. And....after two weeks....aahhhh! How

nice! Everything is in its place. I just knew I could do it! :) OF COURSE!

Of course, you can too! Yet....you are a committed homeschool mom instilling

God's truths as you teach your God-given kids. Trust me! You will have no

regrets. I am sooo thankful I taught my kids according to God's Word. Grace upon

grace will soften your demanding years of training up your family. And it

isn't forever. They do grow up! They do move on. Be encouraged! Seek ye first

the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added

unto you. Blessings!


Julie Davis



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