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Splash into summer by joining me once a week for nine weeks this summer. As a homeschool sewing student, you can potentially earn 1/2  an elective for high school. We start from the beginning! Your knowledge will build from session to session until you have a seamless foundation of information to begin making your own clothes.  DEVOTION. I begin each class with a devotion from God's Word. EDUCATION. Every session will be packed full with important instruction. You will build your own sewing notebook full of samples of your own work. There are 3 quizzes throughout the course and a final project.  PREPARATION. The key is to learn that sewing requires much prep work. This will be a regular part of our class time. CREATION. Most sessions you will be working on creating samples as you learn the pieces of a garment. The last two sessions. you will be producing your first piece of clothing, a sleeveless top! There will be work to do at home between sessions. If you would like to learn how to sew clothes, come join us! It will make for a busy summer but in the end you will enjoy the fruit of your labor. COST. The cost of this class is $250 for nine, three hour sessions. It is due at the first session. You also need to purchase basic sewing supplies and have access to a sewing machine that you will bring back and forth to class. PLACE. This class will be at my home this summer in Miami County. I will give specific location via email. DATES AND TIMES. This will be forming according to peoples needs. I do plan on beginning the week of June 6th.  SAVE YOUR PLACE! E-mail Julie Davis at with any questions you might have and to sign up for class. I LOOK FORWARD TO HEARING FROM YOU....Blessings! Julie Davis